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[Echoes: O]

[Echoes: O]

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『Echoes: 1』からは、大人と子どもによる作品や文章を掲載する、バイリンガル、時にトリリンガルの冊子になります。遅くとも来年の春には出したいと思っていて、今はゆっくりその準備を始めています。聴く、観る、全身で経験する、さまざまな種類の「ことば」が交差し、呼応し、反響し、それぞれの道を歩いていく想像をおさめた、小さなサイズでも、大きなものと向き合う本にしたいと思っています。

How many more works will I be able to make? How many words to write and books to make? I spent this summer working and thinking about my need to put into form all the thoughts processed and the words that have been accumulating in my mind.

There came the idea of a new project to publish a series of books named "Echoes". As a place to start, I have first made "Echoes: O" (where "O" does not symbolize a "zero", but reads as "origin”). This first offering contains my essay "Traces of Sound" written in Japanese and translated into English. “Echoes: O” comes in the form of a folded sheet of paper. Each edition of 500 contains a hand-drawn line unique to that edition.

The following, "Echoes: 1", will be a bilingual (sometimes trilingual) book of works and texts with contributions created by both adult and children authors. I hope to publish it no later than next spring, and am now slowly starting to work on it.

“Echoes: 1” will be a book small in size but - hopefully — approaching something big and essential, carrying the words that come out of listening, seeing, and experiencing with the whole body, the words of many kinds and of many sources, words of imagination, that cross, respond to each other, echo, and go their own way.

Echoes: O [原点]

発行: エレナ・トゥタッチコワ
Published by Elena Tutatchikova
Edition: 500
Each edition includes a hand-drawn line unique to that edition.

“Traces of Sound” written in Japanese and translated to English by Elena Tutatchikova

英文校閲 大野秀子 グレイス
English proofreading by Hideko G. Ono

定価: 1000円+税

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